Pots and coasters

A matching saucer turns pot and plant into the perfect unit.

To create the perfect look you should pick the perfect sized saucer for your pot.
As a rule of thumb: the gap between pot and interior rim of the saucer should equal approximately two fingers. In our product catalogue we list the matching saucers for each pot. If you use plants which require large amounts of water, the saucer may need to collect the excess water. This is the most important purpose of a glazed saucer: to collect excess water. If not used properly, damages on floors or furniture may occur.

To avoid such damages, please follow these instructions:

  1. Between saucer and its base condense water may occur caused by overflown water. If there is no sufficient air circulation between saucer and ground, mould or decay may build on carpets or parquet floor (this effect may also occur with plastic saucers or hydroponics planters).
  2. Occasionally examine the saucers underneath and mop up any excessive water, especially underneath the saucer. Tip: felt pads applied under the saucer help the air circulation and to keep the ground dry.
  3. Clean the saucer if dirty. This helps to keep it appealing longterm.
  4. In case of obvious damages please make sure to replace the saucer.
  5. Unglazed saucers may only be used outdoors (courtyard, terrace, balcony) since they are not waterproof. This also applies to waterproofed saucers. The surface is water repellant, but it may not be completely watertight.
  6. We recommend to not keep glazed saucers outside in winter.