Fully automatic and custom-fitted production machines are essential for the first-class quality and large quantities of our production.

These machines are being developed and engineered by ourselves as well as build in the company’s own metal workshop. CNC controlled machines allow the quick and very precise construction of production tools and moulds.

All production and finishing machines are computer controlled. The sequential and flow controls are programmed in house and improved continuously. This ensures the excellent know-how by Spang.

New product ideas by our creative minds are being visualized and optimized via CAD with our designing engineers at the computer. The CAD-CAM combination enables a speedy and efficient production of such innovations.

The thermic processes such as drying and firing are especially dependant on capable assets and procedures.
To invest in the modernization of dryers, tunnel kilns and burning equipment has always been our top priority. These tasks enabled Spang to significantly save combustible materials and to perceptibly improve the firing results.