Quality at Spang

The Westerwald region sources ceramic clays of worldwide unique properties. These are the basis of the exceptional quality of our products as we obtain our raw materials from local quarries.
The clays are untreated und free of any contaminant ingredients. In a multistage process they are being mixed to a homogeneous, ductile mass which is then being processed to cover pots, planter bowls and boxes.
Until the middle of the 1980s red firing clay had been the most popular clay material. Today we process six differently colored clay mixtures simultaneously in our three production plants in Ransbach-Baumbach. A worldwide unique accomplishment.
Essential is the quality of the products. Important material properties are constantly monitored by the mining companies as well as in our own laboratory. Our company is in close proximity to Höhr-Grenzhausen and their local ceramic research institutes. Any material or procedural concerns can be evaluated with their support.
We also rely on the support of officially recognized testing institutes. Our products are constantly monitored and reviewed during the production process according to our quality management. Our aim is to deliver only first class quality. Only then is our product fit for the transport to our customers.
With the improving product quality and on demand availability of our products we have earned our good reputation with both customers as well as competitors. Which explains why our products are available on all continents.