Environmental protection at Spang

We use the energy and raw material resources for our production efficiently and economical. The “certificated energy management”, in effect since 2013, allows to systematically find solutions and opportunities to keep inevitable losses at an absolute minimum, to reuse residual energies efficiently and to find the optimum use of energy.

The change from Butan to natural gasoline as energy source in 2011 allowed a significant reduction of the specific CO2 emissions.

Our kilns are equipped with efficient exhaust gas filters. They eliminate contaminant substances far below the threshold value demanded by law.
Except for the reaction product from the exhaust gas treatment, no waste materials occur in our production. All mass flows within the value added chain are being reused. This preserves the depository capacities and relieves the environment. Production breakage is being sorted and micro-milled returned to the material flow. This recycling enables to preserve the natural raw material resources.

Since 2007 Spang produces environmentally friendly solar power.
Our raw materials are obtained from local mining companies which saves transport and resources. The mining companies create new biotopes through recultivation and renaturation, where local wildlife can re-establish.