This section offers ideas and suggestions for clay planters

Clay products of the Westerwälder Blumentopf-Fabrik Spang GmbH & Co. KG in contact with foodstuff

For many years, clay planters and bowls are used for storage or preparation of dishes. Various cookbooks in print deal of cooking and baking in clay pots.


What’s unique about Spang

Pots and Saucers

A matching saucer turns pot and plant into the perfect unit. To create the perfect look you should pick the perfect sized saucer for your pot.

Clay feet

Clay feet prove themselves as valuable aides if your plants stay outdoors for the winter. With various colors and shapes we offer the perfect match for your planter.

Efflorescences on clay flower pots and planters

What are efflorescences? In a nutshell, efflorescences on clay pots are salt deposits of various compositions and origins.

Clay pots at sub-freezing temperatures - frost resistance

Frost resistance is one of the most frequent concerns regarding clay pots.