What We Stand For

At Spang, we have a comprehensive understanding of compliance: adhering to laws, regulations, and internal rules is inherent to us and part of our corporate culture. Compliance sets the framework for entrepreneurial action and serves the sustainable safeguarding of business success. Values like reliability, sincerity, credibility, and integrity are not just empty words for us but fundamental values of our company. This standard applies from the development of our strategic compliance measures and must be collectively embraced and consistently lived by all employees as a culture of values. In a healthy corporate and leadership culture, willingness to perform and acting according to a shared understanding of values go hand in hand. Violations of laws and internal rules are not compatible with our understanding of compliance. Hence, it’s unequivocal:

  • We consistently investigate reports of legal violations and clarify the facts.
  • We treat incoming reports confidentially and protect whistleblowers acting in good faith to the best of our abilities against any potential disadvantages resulting from a report. While investigating reports, we consider the legitimate interests of the individuals affected by a report.

Open communication is an essential component of well-functioning compliance. Employees must be able to openly address mistakes, especially at an early stage. Even in case of suspicion of a compliance breach, you can generally approach your supervisor, even if it’s not an official reporting channel. There is explicitly no obligation to report to the supervisor.

Reporting an Incident

Credible reports help us counteract violations at an early stage and reduce damage to our company, our employees, and our business partners. Therefore, we offer the possibility to contact us to report violations – optionally, even anonymously. The opportunity to report concerns is available to all employees, as well as customers, suppliers, and other third parties. However, while investigating reports, we also consider the legitimate interests of the individuals affected by a report. Please remember that suspicions and accusations against a person can have serious consequences for them. Therefore, we encourage responsible use of the whistleblowing system. For more information about our whistleblower system and the processing of personal data at Spang, please refer to our Privacy Policy. You can access our electronic whistleblower system via the internet here.